Steering group

The Steering Group is responsible for the overall research activities at CMM, ensuring their performance in a successful manner. It acts as a supportive organ to the Director, who makes the formal desicions.
The Steering Group ensures a continuous discussion between the researchers and staff at CMM, the management and the Board. All CMM personnel are welcome to contribute to and are importand in discussions regarding policies, recruitment and research focus in a simultaneous top-down and bottoms-up process. Relevant issues are discussed during regular meetings (approximately once per month) and the Steering Group makes recommendations to the Director regarding actions. The Steering Group is responsible for the execution of decided activities.
Major issues, e.g. issues regarding organizational structure, are presented to the CMM Board together with basic data for decision making but the Steering Group is responsible for the execution of the made decision.
Questions within the scope of the Steering Group:
• Organizational development
• Strategies for the scientific development of CMM
• Recruitment of scientists and groups
• Termination or relocation of research groups
• Support for research groups
• Division of space
• Common instruments and core facilities

The Steering Group is composed of 7 regular members, as well as the Director and Assistant Director of CMM:
Lars Klareskog, Professor, Director of CMM, Group Leader Rheumatology Unit
Helena Erlandson-Harris, Professor, Assistant Director of CMM, Group Leader Pediatric rheumatology
Per Eriksson, Professor, Group Leader Cardiovascular Genetics
Magnus Nordenskjöld, Professor, Group Leader Clinical Genetics
Martin Schalling, Professor, Group Leader Neurogenetics
Mona Ståhle, Professor, Group Leader Dermatology
Jesper Tegnér, Professor, Group Leader Computational Medicine
Ewa Ehrenborg, Professor, Team Leader under Cardiovascular Genetics
Maja Jagodic, PhD, Team Leader under Neuroimmunology

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