MedS Immunology Day

The inaugural MedS immunology day arranged by Stephen Malin and Eduardo Villablanca was held on February 13th in the Rolf Luft auditorium. One of the purposes of the day was to present three new KI-recruits; Taras Kreslesvskiy, Carmen Gerlach and Nicola Gagliani, to the institution of Medicine and CMM. The program, which attracted a large audience, included presentations by a number of our more junior faculty, most of them residing at CMM as well as by the new recruits. An afternoon rich in scientific discovery was served with topics ranging from transcription factors in humoral immunity to bioelectronic medicine.

Professors Ingrid Lundberg and Anna Färnert were two of many interested researchers in the audience, discussing over a coffee. “This day is so important to take part in”, Ingrid says. “To be given the opportunity to listen to the new generation of great scientists and also to see them in person and interact with them”. Anna Färnert agrees and points out “These researchers are really conducting cutting-edge science in immunology”.

Stephen Malin as one of the organizers was pleased with how the initiative was received. He states the importance of having scientific get-togethers whereby skilled scientists can share their research and inspire eachother. “I was delighted to see so many people attending as it shows that there is a real thirst for scientific events such as these” Stephen says. “I hope the immunological menu on offer was appetizing to these potential recruits and their recruitment will further cement as CMM as a top-notch inflammation/immunology center”.

Sridharan Ganesan, a final year PhD student at the Department of Medicine in Huddinge was very enthusiastic at attending the event. “My project in Petter Höglund’s group focuses on self-tolerance in murine NK cells and this immunology day was a good mixture of almost all kinds of aspects of immunology. This gave me a view of what is expected of a person who in the future wants to be principal investigator. But also I found people that I could email and ask for a reagent or an experimental collaboration to establish a method in my own laboratory”, Sridharan says.

The day ended with a much-appreciated dinner where the speakers and session chairs could eat and meet over common scientific interests. “I am especially grateful for the support we received from Aii (*doctoral programme in Allergy, immunology and inflammation), the enthusiastic session chairs and especially Kristina Broliden (*head of MedS) in order to organize such a splendid day. Together with the various seminar programmes and themed get-togethers, there is a real buffet of excellent scientific events at CMM.
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