A tribute to Hans Rosling (eng text)

Hans RoslingAs many of you have heard, the great physician, scientist and educator Hans Rosling has died prematurely.
With these few words I want to highlight a few of the important contributions Hans has made in science and also for work carried out in our own local Science center.

  • Hans discovered and contributed to prevention of a major disease in Africa, which he named Konzo. Working as a country doctor in Northern Mozambique on behalf of the Swedish solidarity group for Africa (Afrikagrupperna) he observed a paralytic disease caused by cyanide intoxication from inappropriate handling of cassava during drought periods. He contributed to the prevention of this disease by helping to edit cook books for African mothers that reduced this intoxication: One of his related publications: Tylleskär T, Banea M, Bikangi N, Cooke RD, Poulter NH, Hans Rosling. (1992). ”Cassava cyanogens and konzo, an upper motor neuron disease found in Africa”. the Lancet. 339 (8787): 208–211
  • One of his many subsequent contributions as head of the KI international exchange program was to expand the KI international collaboration program to universities in new parts of the world, including the University of Hanoi. The PhD exchange program with KI has enabled many Vietnamese students, some of them based at CMM, to learn science and to conduct long-term collaborations with us at KI.
  • Most of all, Hans was a great humanist, caring for the value of knowledge of the world to be created and used by everybody.

We should all be happy that he was with us!
Written with remembrance and enormous appreciation by Lars Klareskog who was with Hans both in Afrikagrupperna and when starting the program in Hanoi many years ago. Please contribute to his passions by adding to the UNICEF Childrens’ fund:
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