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Sarcoidosis is a pulmonary inflammatory disease of unknown etiology, affecting young middle aged people, with about 2000 new cases yearly in Sweden. 50-100 new sarcoidosis patients are investigated yearly with bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), giving us access to cells at the focus of inflammation. Typically, there is an accumulation of Th1 cells to the lungs of the patients. Our aim is to identify key factors of importance for the pulmonary inflammation and more specifically to reveal the etiology of sarcoidosis through identification of a sarcoidosis-specific antigen(s). We use Elispot and flow cytometry to determine the functional relevance of lung accumulated T cells and study Treg, Th1, Th17, multifunctional and “hybrid” forms of these T cell subsets. In parallel, we search for new candidate antigens through identifying peptides presented by HLA-DR molecules on alveolar macrophages (AM) of patients. Biomarkers will be searched for in collaboration with SciLifeLab. Our studies on genetics in sarcoidosis have been extended through a large, recently performed ImmunoChip analysis. We will search for risk markers for disease and certain disease features, for example for cardiac sarcoidosis, a life threatening condition.

Our genetic and clinical studies have already generated important biomarkers that are used in the clinic to predict the disease course. Also, if we could reveal the etiology of sarcoidosis by identifying specific antigen(s), we would unravel a century-long mystery and develop new treatment strategies.

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