About CMM

The Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) at Karolinska Institutet gathers more than 400 staff members with clinical experience from Karolinska University Hospital and with research competence from KI for research on the common diseases. The ultimate aim of our work is to provide knowledge that leads to the development of new and improved prevention and therapy for common diseases such as rheumatic diseases, MS, psoriasis, cardiovascular diseases, several genetic diseases, and certain neuropsychiatric diseases such as depression or alcohol addiction.

The philosophy of CMM is to foster innovative research within the core areas of the center both from using unique features of our clinical connection (extensive clinical material and clinical competence) and from being part of KI with its international reputation and excellent basic research. A special feature of CMM is its international flavour, where more than 30 nationalities are now represented.
CMM is presently comprised of 33 research groups which comprise an interactive network of scientists focusing on molecular mechanisms behind inflammatory, cardiovascular, genetic and neuropsychiatric diseases. The center is formally an independent foundation which provides researchers from KI and Karolinska University Hospital with research laboratories and infrastructure for their research.

CMM Research Groups




Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases