CMM organization

CMM is a center consisting of 42 independent research groups with members belonging to Karolinska Institutet and/or Karolinska University Hospital.

The center is headed by a Director, Professor Lars Klareskog, and an assistant Director,  Professor Helena Erlandsson-Harris. As of the 1st of September, Helena Erlandsson-Harris will take office as the new Director. The task of the Director is to represent CMM interests in different settings, to pursue the long-term visions and goals for CMM research. In addition, to ensure that a a creative atmosphere is maintained at CMM and to be a support to the Group Leaders in matters such as space, equipment and collaborations.

In the beginning of 2018, a number of CMM research groups will be moving into the new research building, Bioclinicum (U2). These groups will remain being CMM affiliated groups and continue to be a part of the scientific environment at CMM.

The CMM organisation also contains a Steering Group, a Board, a Scientific Advisory Board, an IT-department and a central administration. More information about these organs can be found in the top meny under the headline “About CMM”.



CMM Research Groups




Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases