Metabolic diseases

Systems metabolism

roland nilsson

Roland Nilsson
Assistant Professor

” We are a young research group at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, specializing in detailed analyses of cellular metabolism using modern measurement techniques and mathematical models. Our work aims for a deeper and more quantitative understanding of how various cell types in the human body process nutrients to harvest energy and synthesize macromolecules. In particular, […] ”

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Inborn errors of endocrinology and metabolism

Anna Wedell_ZIM0007

Anna Wedell
Professor, MD

” Both chronic non-healing wounds and psoriasis are major and rising health and economic burdens worldwide and lack of effective treatment. Investigation of the role of regulatory RNAs, for example microRNA and long non-coding RNAs, represents an emerging concept, and constitutes a promising area for pharmaceutical intervention. The goal of our laboratory is to unravel the […] ”

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Molecular endochrinology

Gunnar Norstedt3_beskuren

Gunnar Norstedt

” Hormones, growth factors and inflammatory signals control cellular functions by the regulation of intra cellular signals – in many cases such signals are changed in metabolic disturbances e.g. diabetes, in growth and in immunological disorders. At the Unit for Molecular Endocrinology we seek to understand how hormones /differentiation related signals contribute to the above mentioned […] ”

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Team Flanagan


John Flanagan
PhD, Assistant professor

” Fat and muscle cells derive from the same stem cell and it is possible that stem cells may future targets for therapy. In on-going to studies we seek to determine the role of selected genes in the balance between fat and muscle cell formation. The hypothesis is that imbalances exits at this level of relevance […] ”

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Team Norstedt

Gunnar Norstedt3_beskuren

Gunnar Norstedt

” THE JAK-STAT-SOCS PATHWAY. This signalling pathway takes part in metabolic regulation as well as in growth and inflammation. On-going research is focused upon SOCS, a suppressor of the pathway. Attempts are made to better place the SOCS system in relation to diabetes, prostate growth and inflammation. The approach taken involves functional effects of SOCS including […] ”

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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases