Multiple sclerosis

Medical epigenetics

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Tomas Ekström

” The genetic material, or genome, which is identical in all cells of an individual, is composed of DNA and associated proteins, which together make up the chromatin. Chromatin is nessecary for the packaging of the genetic material in every cell nucleus of the organism, as well as for the regulation of gene programs, which are […] ”

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Clinical Neuroimmunology - Fogdell-Hahn

Anna Fogdell Hahn_3_liten

Anna Fogdell-Hahn

” Part of our research focus is to understand the disease mechanism behind the autoimmune reaction in MS and a possible viral etiology. Our hypothesis is that specific autoimmunity is triggered by immune response against host proteins incorporated into viral particles. We are therefore interested in common viruses that can establish latency and reactivate within the […] ”

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Multiple sclerosis (MS)

JanHillert kopia

Jan Hillert
Professor, MD

” Multiple sclerosis, commonly known as MS, is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system which, if left untreated, causes increasing disability for over one million people worldwide. MS treatments are so far partially effective or hampered by side effects, leaving a great clinical need for intensified research on disease mechanisms and novel therapeutics. […] ”

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Tomas Olsson 2

Tomas Olsson
Professor, MD

” Our main research programme encompass identification of genes that predispose to both human MS and its experimental counterpart (EAE), attempting to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to disease development. Our related programmes compliment this strategy by focusing on why nerve cells die and how stem cells can be used to heal neuroimmunological […] ”

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Applied Immunology and immunotherapy


Robert Harris

”   IMAGINE a time when we could end the suffering of individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases. Realising that dream is what we must do NOW BECAUSE we have the knowledge, drive and vision to make it happen. We conduct a strongly interconnected research programme aimed at using knowledge gained from projects in basic science to […] ”

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Epigenetics of neuroinflammation - Jagodic

Maja Jagodic

Maja Jagodic
Associate Professor

” Our vision is to understand how epigenome integrates instructions from genetic and lifestyle factors and renders pathogenic immune cells ‘aggressive’ and target brain cells ‘vulnerable’ in persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Our goal is to better understand disease etiology and to improve disease management through personalized treatments and more specific biomarkers.         […] ”

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Inflammation and neurodegeneration after neurotrauma - Piehl


Fredrik Piehl
Professor, MD

” Inflammation and neurodegeneration after neurotrauma All types of damage to the central nervous system (CNS) leading to severance of axonal connections, whether it is traumatic, inflammatory or due to a vascular lesion, result in loss of nerve cells, inflammatory activation of surrounding glial cells and a sometimes considerable influx of blood borne immune cells. Although […] ”

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