Psychiatric disorders


Martin Schalling

Martin Schalling

” We focus on understanding how genes and environment contribute to development and treatment of psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia and anorexia. We also focus on the anorectic state that is sometimes observed in end state renal disease, often in combination with cardiovascular complications and inflammation. Several projects are available in this area. […] ”

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Psychiatric stem cell group - Villaescusa


Carlos Villaescusa

” The Psychiatric Stem Cell Group is based in both the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) and the Department of Medical Biochemistry & Biophysics (MBB) at Karolinska Institutet. The group merges basic research with clinical research to develop cellular models of human neuropsychiatric disorders using patient-derived stem cells. Our multidisciplinary team has a solid background in […] ”

Lipidomics - Johansson


Björn Johansson
Associate Professor

” With whom do we cooperate? At CMM, Rachel Fisher, Göran Hansson, Magnus Nordenskjöld, Louise Nordfors, Lars Terenius, m.fl. Physicians in renal medicine and neurology at Karolinska Institutet/Universitetssjukhuset. Methods experts at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden and in Germany and Spain. What is the clinical relevance? Study of the lipid abnormalities of common chronic diseases […] ”

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Eating disorders - Nilsson

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Ida Nilsson

” The research of our team is focused on the Neurobiology eating disorders, in particular Anorexia Nervosa. Eating disorders are serious psychiatric disorders characterized by persistent problems concerning food intake, often combined with preoccupation about body weight and shape. Currently effective pharmacological or other biological target-directed therapy are lacking, in large due to the fact that […] ”

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Schizophrenia - Ösby

Urban Ösby

Urban Ösby

” We are studying metabolic, genetic and clinical aspects of psychosis in large Swedish cohorts that are followed prospectively. The use of state of the art epidemiological lab and genetic investigations are combined with studies of other cohorts (diabetes etc) to better understand the massive metabolic complications that accompany psychosis.   If you would like to […] ”

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Depression - Lavebratt-Holmqvist

Catharina Lavebratt och Martin Schalling på CMM

Catharina Lavebratt-Holmqvist
Associate Professor

” Depression is common and an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and a majority of the affected persons remain untreated. The one-year prevalence of depression is reported to be 5-10% and the incidence is increasing, especially in younger age groups. Both environment, such as negative life events and socioeconomic conditions, as well as heritable […] ”

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