At CMM our scientists conduct research on “common diseases”. These are diseases such as rheumatism, psoriasis, MS, cardiovascular diseases, alcohol addiction, depression etc. We look at the underlying factors why these diseases occur. When we know why a disease breaks out, then we can find ways to relieve its sympthoms or find methods to prevent its outburst. However, to conduct research in medicine today is not an easy task. To be able to engage in qualified research we are forced to compete for the limited amount of research funding available. Did you know that the Swedish state only finances a fraction of all research done in the field of medicine? This is why researchers have to turn to private donors or foundations in order to find funding for their ideas. At CMM we would like to give our researchers the possibility to conduct research without being held back by limited funding.

If you would like to support one or more of our research area, within Swedens you can do this by using the following accounts:

BG 628-4418
PG 514114-8

State the name of the researcher you would like to donate to. The donation information is also available on the reserchers group and team pages.

If you are outside of Sweden, please use the following information:

Bank: SEB, Stockholm, Sweden
Account No. 5201-11 370 12
Iban-number: SE16 5000 0000 0520 1113 7012
Bic-code (the bank´s electronic address): ESSESESS
Account holder: Center for Molecular Medicine Foundation
L8:05, Karolinska University Hospital
171 76 Stockholm, Sweden

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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases