Medical epigenetics

Photo: V. Kandaswami

Tomas Ekström

” The genetic material, or genome, which is identical in all cells of an individual, is composed of DNA and associated proteins, which together make up the chromatin. Chromatin is nessecary for the packaging of the genetic material in every cell nucleus of the organism, as well as for the regulation of gene programs, which are […] ”

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miRNA and cancer - Pivarcsi

Andor Pivarcsi_1_liten

Andor Pivarcsi
Senior researcher

” Skin cancer (excluding malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma) are the second most comon cancers among men and women in Sweden. Skin cancer is also the fastest growing cancer type, its incidence has nearly doubled in the last ten years. Cumulative exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun is the major risk factor and ultimate […] ”

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Epigenetics of neuroinflammation - Jagodic

Maja Jagodic

Maja Jagodic
Associate Professor

” Our vision is to understand how epigenome integrates instructions from genetic and lifestyle factors and renders pathogenic immune cells ‘aggressive’ and target brain cells ‘vulnerable’ in persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Our goal is to better understand disease etiology and to improve disease management through personalized treatments and more specific biomarkers.         […] ”

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Depression - Lavebratt-Holmqvist

Catharina Lavebratt och Martin Schalling på CMM

Catharina Lavebratt-Holmqvist
Associate Professor

” Depression is common and an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and a majority of the affected persons remain untreated. The one-year prevalence of depression is reported to be 5-10% and the incidence is increasing, especially in younger age groups. Both environment, such as negative life events and socioeconomic conditions, as well as heritable […] ”

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