Therapeutic immune design

Therapeutic immune design

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic inflammatory disease or cancer. The approach is “translational”, i.e. we aim to bring research results from the lab to clinical application, in the form of improved diagnostic tools and curative treatments.

We work within the following research areas:

Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Our goal is to identify novel autoantigens in MS. We will explore their applicability as biomarkers and their potential for personalized curative treatment development.

We identify, characterize and produce allergens from cat, dog and horse. The aim is to improve diagnosis and to develop novel vaccines for treatment of allergy to pets.

We develop personalized immunotherapy of tumor disease. The strategy is to identify and produce tumor specific antigens for application in individualized cancer immunotherapy.




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BG: 628-4418
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Always state the name of group/team leader in order for us to allocate the gift properly. 

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Bank: SEB, Stockholm, Sweden
Account No. 5201-11 370 12
Iban-number: SE16 5000 0000 0520 1113 7012
Bic-code (the bank´s electronic address): ESSESESS
Account holder: Center for Molecular Medicine Foundation
L8:05, Karolinska University Hospital
171 76 Stockholm, Sweden


Group leader

Hans Grönlund


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Allergy, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis


Cell culture, Clinical trials, Cohort study, Image analysis, Immunohistochemistry, Mass spectometry, Register research