Our aim is to identify genetic factors that predispose to the development of neuropsychiatric and metabolic disorders. 

We focus on understanding how genes and environment contribute to development and treatment of psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia and anorexia. We also focus on the anorectic state that is sometimes observed in end state renal disease, often in combination with cardiovascular complications and inflammation. Several projects are available in this area. Projects typically involve large clinical cohorts that are studied with state of the art molecular methodology, often relating genetic data to disease as well as analyzing how the environment including early experiences may interact with the genetic makeup. Areas of interest that are particularly new and exciting include epigenetic studies as well as inflammation as a factor in psychiatric illness.




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Martin Schalling


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Genetics, Microbiota, Neuropsychiatric diseases


ADHD, Bipolar disease, Depression, Eating disorders, Schizofrenia