Recycling and laboratory waste instructions

Recycling and laboratory waste instructions

All operations at the Karolinska University Hospital area should follow the hospital regulations regarding waste handling. Here you find the necessary documents for handling your waste correctly.


Handling hazardous waste (Swedish, Karolinska University Hospital document)

Sending hazardous waste (Karolinska University Hospital document)

Kit for sanitizing chemical spill (Swedish, Karolinska Institutet document)

Laboratory waste

Chemical waste (Swedish)

Biological waste (Swedish)

Infectious waste (Swedish)

Pharmaceuticals, including cytostatic waste (Swedish)

Sharps/infectious waste (Swedish)

Contaminated packaging (Swedish)

Hazardous waste

Electronics (Swedish)

Fluorescent lamps (Swedish)

Fridges and freezers (Swedish)

Light sources (Swedish)

Small batteries (Swedish)


Clear glass packaging

Colored glass packaging

Combustible waste

Confidential waste (Swedish)

Corrugated cardboard

Food waste

Lab glass and porcelain (Swedish)

Metal packaging



Toner cartridges