CMM offers a secure "follow me" print solution.

With a CMM account you can send your print to Apollo PullPrint and collect your document(s) in any CMM managed printer.


Adding the printer que

Take a look here to understand how to add the CMM PullPrint que to your computer:


CMM Managed Computer:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10




External Computer (Not Managed by CMM):

Windows 10


Registering your access card

Take a look here to understand how to register your access card to the printer using your CMM Account:

Lexmark X950 Safecom

How to use the Lexmark Printers

Take a look here to understand how to use the printers present in the CMM Building:

Using the Lexmark Printers

Printing at BioClinicum

Printing BioClinicum - Windows

Printing BioClinicum - MacOS


CMM Poster Print Service

The CMM poster printer service can only be used by CMM members. We use your CMM IT account to verify that you are a CMM member.

Unfortunately we cannot let non-CMM users use the printer service because it violates the procurement agreement KI has with an external partner.


How do you get a poster done you may ask? Follow these easy steps:

- Include the CMM-logo (

- Save in PDF-format

- Send your poster to
- The poster is printed in the standard format A0 (approx. 84cm x length of your poster) and costs 200SEK.
- Bigger sizes than A0 require lots of manual work and costs more, 500SEK.
- Different sizes than A0 might require you to manually cut the paper as the default paper roll is 84cm in width, the price might vary as well (200 or 500SEK)
- Don't forget the ZZ-code/CMM customer number (preferably)!
- Please send the poster well in advance (48 hrs.) as planning is essential for us and many posters needed the very same day are hard for us to manage.