Single-cell library preparation core

Single-cell library preparation core

Single-cell facility at CMM is strived to provide both full service and advanced equipment access on the self-service base for single cell library preparation.

We currently run Smart-seq2 plate-based full-length protocol, and 3’-tagged droplet sequencing using 10X Chromium Single Cell Controller.

We also welcome users to set up their own automation protocols using our equipments.


Other available equipments are:

Tecan Fluent Robotic System (an automated solution for genomic workflows)

Mantis Nano Dispenser

Agilent bioanalyzer

Pippin Gel Extraction Prep System (DNA Size Selection for PCR fragments and NGS, 100bp – 1.5kb).


The facility is located at CMM L8:01 room 052.



Peri Noori, for more information and introduction.



Scientific advisors

Qiaolin Deng


Eduardo Villablanca