Anti-drug antibodies

Anti-drug antibodies

Many chronic inflammatory diseases can today be treated with biopharmaceuticals, which has extensively improved the quality of life for these patients. However, the repetitive administration of drugs can trigger the immune system to develop antibodies against the drug, so called anti-drug antibodies (ADA), which at high titers will block the effect of the drug. It is essential to monitor presence of ADA in order to know if the patient receives efficient therapy. Together with partners in Europe through the IMI consortium ABIRISK we are since 2012 investigating the impact that ADA has on the treatment and their biological significance.
We are measuring the titer levels of these ADA in our routine laboratory against interferon beta, natalizumab (Tysabri), rituximab and for infliximab we have the PandA method by which we can measure ADA despite the presence of infliximab in the serum. Our mission is to be able to provide ADA test for all biopharmaceuticals used in Europe in collaborations with other laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and large collaborations like ABIRISK. Please contact us at if you are interested in these test for clinical use or research.
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