Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry

Cell analysis and cell sorting by flow cytometry is a well established technique whereby rapid measurements of multiple cellular parameters such as light scatter and fluorescence are made on particles or cells as they flow through a sensing point forming the basis for selected populations to be analyzed and/ or sorted out. The CMM flow cytometry facility is equipped with:

Cell sorters: 

MoFlo Legacy with 2 lasers (488 and 635 nm)  

BD Influx with 5 lasers (488, 561, 641 405, and 355 nm)  

Up to six different cell populations can be sorted out simultaneously into tubes, or one population onto plates (including index sorting). 


Sony SH800 with 4 lasers (488, 561, 638, and 405 nm) 

Up to two different populations can be sorted out simultaneously into tubes, or one population onto plates (including index sorting).  



BD FACSVerse flow cytometry analyzer equipped with 3 lasers: 488nm, 635nm, and 405nm. 

BD LSR Fortessa flow cytometry analyzer equipped with 5 lasers: 488, 552, 640, 405, and 350 nm.  


Key applications include multicolor immmunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, intracellular cytokine detection, apoptosis, cell proliferation analysis, and intracellular calcium measurement. Assistance and guidance in planning your experiments as well as suggestions for helping you achieve optimal results are available.


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Flow Cytometry Facility
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