Glomax Multi Detection System

Glomax Multi Detection System

Promega Glomax Multi Detection System
The GloMax®-Multi Detection System can function as a luminometer, photometer or fluorometer. Each detection mode has dedicated optics for the highest versatility without sacrificing performance.


  • Measure luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance
  • 5 different Ex/Em filters for fluorescence detection: 365/410-460, 405/495-505, 490/510-570, 525/580-640 and 625/660-720
  • Dual or single wavelength absorbance at 450, 560, 600 and 750 nm
  • Equipped with dual injectors system


CMM, L8:02, room 031


Warangkana Lohcharoenkal (Bo)


CMM, L8:02, room 062


Please contact Bo before using the instrument for the first time or if you are unsure how to use it, so that you can have a brief introduction.

The instrument is free for use and the booking is normally done on the calendar next to the machine.