Slide scanning and image analysis

Slide scanning and image analysis

Using the Hamamatsu NanoZoomer Slide Scanner, we are able to digitalize whole microscope slides. These “virtual slides” can be viewed at any computer using the free software NDP View. On the webpage (click “sign in as guest”) you are able to see some examples of scanned slides.

The benefits of Virtual Microscopy include:
1. Enjoy superior work ergonomics
2. Forget about slide degradation during long-term storage
3. Annotate slides without affecting their contents
4. Many possibilities for software-aided image analysis

CMM staff can view their scanned images via \ Scanning (copy and paste the link for proper redirection)

The user fee is SEK 90 per slide scanned for CMM user (having CMM account). For external users (outside CMM) the fee is SEK 140 per slide scanned. Your slides for scanning should be clean without any precipitation of mounting medium on the slides. If your slides are not clean for scanning, we will charge you for additional 20 SEK /slides.

Slides for scanning can be dropped off every workday between 08:30 and 09:30 at BioClinicum: J5:30, Room U210 05 6500, expedition 6. Scanned slides will be ready depending on the number of slides for scanning between 3-5 working days.

Click here for the order form and for more information about slide preparation.



BioClinicum: J5:30, Room U210 05 6500


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Afsar (Maral) Rahbar