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Evolution of self-reactive germinal centers and epitope spreading

25 Apr

Speaker: Michael C. Carroll, Professor, Harvard Medical School

CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00

Host: Karin Loré, Professor MedS

Start: 12:00

Myeloid Cells in Experimental Neurophatologies

26 Apr

Speaker: Melanie Pieber, PhD Candidate

CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00


Start: 09:00

SciLifeLab DDD - a resource for your academic drug discovery project?

14 May

Speaker: Per Arvidsson, Platform Director, Karolinska Institutet, Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD), Science for Life Laboratory

CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00

Host: CMM Innovation

Start: 15:30

Immune Cell Responses Unfolded by Single-Cell Technologies

05 Jun

Speaker: Invited speakers, see flyer below

CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00 and Rolf Luft Auditorium, L1:00

Host: Eduardo Villablanca

Start: 10:00

Structural Insights on Regulation of Bacterial Cell Division

18 Jun

Speaker: Juan Hermso, Dept. of Crystallography & Structural Biology, Institute of Physical-Chemistry “Rocasolano”, Madrid, Spain

CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00

Host: Peter Mellroth, MTC

Start: 14:00