Arranging a seminar

Arranging a seminar

Professor Robert Harris presenting in the CMM Lecture Hall.

The CMM Seminar series is coordinated from CMM scientific communications office but the speakers are invited by the researchers themselves. CMM seminars are scheduled at Thursdays 12:00-13:00 and CMM offers a lunch sandwich for the participants according to a ‘first come, first serve’ principle. The seminars are much appreciated and speakers could be invited opponents adjacent to an upcoming dissertation, speakers visiting CMM or KI for other reasons and in-house speakers. European speakers invited solemnly for a seminar with travel and housing expenses should always be discussed with CMM before any arrangements are done.

Ahead of every new semester, CMM scientific coordination sends out a reminder of the upcoming seminar program. Suggestions could be sent in at any time, but to be able to present a solid seminar program the earlier the better.

Send the following information to

  • Suggestion of date
  • Title of the talk.
  • The name, title and affiliation of the speaker.
  • A photo of the speaker.
  • Background information about the research, perhaps a relevant link to a scientific publication.
  • Host of the talk.


The information is needed in order to announce the seminar properly:

Those occasions when a Thursday seminar at noon is not possible to arrange, a CMM Extra seminar will be arranged instead. The general guidelines are that these seminars are arranged in the afternoon and without sandwiches.