Autoclaving (steam)

All items for autoclaving are to be left and picked up in the assigned cupboard on floor 01, to the wall opposite the dishwashing room. (IN/OUT)

All items are to be clearly marked with floor number and name, e.g. Adam L8:03. Special autoclave tape can be used but the RDF will not remove any residues. The autoclave tape can be placed on underlying tape for easier removal (these tapes can be bought from MediCarrier).

Special autoclaving bags can be used and will be sealed by the RDF (autoclaving/sterile bags can be bought from MediCarrier).

The autoclaving is run at approximately 7 am and 10 am (estimated autoclaving time is 2 h). When there are enough items to fill the machine, additional autoclaving can occur. If you plan experiments requiring many autoclaved items, please notify the RDF in advance.


Autoclaving (hot air)

The hot air autoclave is only for glassware and metal. Such as glass pipettes and tweezers.

No plastic or paper is accepted, because it will melt/burn. The heat is up to 180 degrees Celcius.

Depending on the item, the hot air autoclave can be better because it will not leave condense inside. The steam autoclaves intend to do that sometimes (especially with glass pipettes).

Running hour: 2 pm every day (4 h). Done the morning after.