BC Biocomputing

BC Biocomputing

Purpose of the facility is to provide a database structure for handling and analyze genetic, sequence and phenotypic data, facilitating analysis of data so that most researchers will be able to perform analyses without being programmers or bioinformaticians. The system stores personal data in a secure way where tracking of changes is available. It is also possible to customize access such that new EU data directive is followed in that each researcher only have access to the data needed. Login will be done with double authentication (not implemented yet).

The system has many genetic statistical program for quality control, imputation and statistical analysis implemented in a user friendly way such as PLINK, Haploview, Eigenstrat,  Impute2, Minimac etc. In addition it is possible perform analysis using R or SAS scripts. For next generation sequencing data functional annotation is available. Data can be exported in many different formats. There is a separate module for handling storage of samples. Further there is a module for managing pedigree information.

Each group using the system has paid an annual fee billed directly from BC platforms covering license fee of the software they use. The amount payed depends on the software modules used. In addition to this cost each research group are billed by the CMM–IT department in relation to how much server space they use on the server.

Responsible person: Ingrid Skelton Kockum

Requests regarding storage can be directed to Olle Gartell.


* One of these modules needs to be included. In these modules BC/Clin for management of clinical data is included. The system also included many programs for analyzing genetic linkage and association.
§ the costs are approximate and will vary with the exchange rate with EURO.