ChemiDoc MP Imaging System

ChemiDoc MP Imaging System

Use the ChemiDoc MP Imaging System for flexible, high-sensitivity multiplex fluorescent and chemiluminescence western blot detection, imaging gels, analysis and documentation. This system is compatible with a wide range of fluorophores, such as StarBright™ Secondary Antibodies, ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Coomassie, and silver stains.



High performance imaging and analysis — combined sensitivity with comprehensive analysis and documentation

Compatibility with a wide range of fluorophores and stains — chemiluminescence, colorimetric, stain-free, and fluorescence (RGB, far red and near IR) detection

Stain-free imaging enabled — obtain a gel image in 5 min without staining and destaining. Quantitate by total protein and normalization

Easy to use — intuitive touch-screen user interface, automatic selection of optimal light source by application, auto focus, auto exposure, and preview features


Product Contents

Imager with 12” touch-screen display with internal computer and camera

Image Lab Software to install on your computer

1 Blot/UV/Stain-Free Sample Tray for multiplex fluorescence, chemiluminescence, ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, and stain-free gel and blot detection

Precision Plus Protein All Blue Standards

Precision Plus Protein Unstained Standards

Clarity Western ECL Substrate

Clarity Max Western ECL Substrate



CMM, L8:00, room 31.


Responsible: Mikael Ringh.

Please contact Mikael Ringh before using the instrument for the first time or if you are unsure how to use it, so that you can have a brief introduction.


CMM, L8:00, room 14B