Dishwashing facility

Dishwashing facility

Dirty glassware is collected every day from each floor in the CMM building by the person responsible for the dishwashing facilities (RDF). Clean items are returned to each floor by the RDF.

All items are to be marked with a colored dot; one color is representative for each floor. The stickers are supplied by the research groups.

• Floor 00 Green

• Floor 01 Black

• Floor 02 Red

• Floor 03 Blue

• Floor 04 Yellow

All items must be thoroughly rinsed and all gel residues removed (otherwise the dishwasher gets clogged). Lids are to be removed as well as all tapes and stickers (except for the colored dots).

Try to avoid writing with the permanent pen directly on the glassware. Instead use tape. Remove all markings before putting items into the tray.

No broken items will be accepted for dishwashing.

Do not stack items in the trays, they will get stuck and break.

Please notify the RDF in advance when planning major lab or floor cleanings, if dishwashing is involved.