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Research program

Research program

Our research program seeks to dissect the complex dynamics of host-environment interactions required to sustain intestinal immune homeostasis and how breakdown in these interactions may lead to inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Although genome wide association studies (GWAS) have been instrumental in associating genetic variants/polymorphisms with IBD, assigning causality to these variants in IBD pathogenesis has proven to be difficult. In particular we are trying to understand how deregulation of intestinal immune homeostasis might lead to IBD and trying to discover the function of IBD-risk genes identified by Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS). To discover the function of IBD-risk genes, we focus in immunological processes that are involved at the initiation (priming of adaptive immune responses), progression (chronic inflammation) or resolution (tissue repair) of IBD. To translate genetic mutations to function, we have developed an innovative pipeline that integrate bioinformatics and animal models, including zebrafish and mouse, to ultimately validate candidates mutations in human tissues by using organoids.

My training involves a variety of disciplines such as developmental biology using zebrafish models, mucosal immunology, computational, IBD mouse models, and the analysis of genetic variations as well as the microbiota composition. This provides a unique opportunity to position an integrative and innovative research program to tackle relevant questions in the field of intestinal immune homeostasis and inflammatory bowel diseases.




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Always state the name of group/team leader in order for us to allocate the gift properly. 

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Bank: SEB, Stockholm, Sweden
Account No. 5201-11 370 12
Iban-number: SE16 5000 0000 0520 1113 7012
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Account holder: Center for Molecular Medicine Foundation
L8:05, Karolinska University Hospital
171 76 Stockholm, Sweden


Group leader

Eduardo Villablanca


Job title

Associate Professor





Bioinformatics, Intestinal infection and inflammation, Microbiota, Mucosal Immunology


Colorectal cancer (CRC), Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)


Animal models, Autoimmunity, Cell culture, Flow cytometry, Gene expression, Innate immunity, Macrophage/Microglia/Monocryte/APC, Memory, Metabolism, Mutation, Nutrition, Sequencing, Transcription, Tumor