Lara Kular has received a SEK 500 000 research grant from Petrus och Augusta Hedlunds Stiftelse.

Andor Pivarcsi was granted DKK 4 164 300 (~SEK 6 000 000) from the Danish LEO Foundation for the project Deciphering the Role of Non-Coding RNAs in Epidermal Carcinogenesis.

Eduardo Villablanca has received a Junior Research Grant from StratRegen* which will fund his work on the identification of novel cellular and molecular mechanisms promoting intestinal stem cell-mediated tissue regeneration following injury.

*Swedish government-funded research in certain selected areas, called Strategic Research Areas (SFO).

Anca Catrina has been appointed Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2020 and will receive SEK 15 million funding over a five-year period, with the opportunity to extend for an additional five years.

Carmen Gerlach has received the Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden) Junior Investigator Award, which implies funding for six years for her research regarding T cells.

Marie Wahren-Herlenius was granted € 600.000 for three years from FOREUM (Foundation for Reserach in Rheumatology) for a collaborative project between Karolinska Institutet/CMM, University of Bergen and Harvard Medical School which will study sex differences in Sjögren’s syndrome.

Christopher Sundling has received a VR Starting Grant of SEK 6 000 000 from the Swedish Research Council, for the project “Origin, heterogeneity, and function of atypical B cells in infections”.

Christopher Sundling also received grant from Åke Wibergs  stiftelse (SEK 200 000) and another one from Magnus Bergvalls stiftelse SEK 80 000 for the project “Novel biomarkers of tuberculosis disease progression”.


The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) has granted SEK 600,000 each to the following researchers:

Faiez Al Nimer, for the project Patogenes för multipel skleros; HLA-gener och EBV som fundamentala riskfaktorer.

Lou Brundin, for the project Ryggmärgsskada -regenerativa strategier.

Robert Harris, for the project Förstärkt repopulering av den microglial nichen som en ny ALS-terapi.

Eric Herlenius, for the project Inflammation, neurala nätverk, andnöd och inspiration!

Jan Hillert, for the project Individualiserad behandling av multipel skleros - för optimalt långsiktigt utfall.

Maja Jagodic, for the project Epigenetik: nya funktionella och terapeutiska tillämpningar i Multipel Skleros.

Catharina Lavebratt, for the project ADHD: tarmflorans påverkan på hjärnan ger nya behandlings-möjligheter?

Anna Lindstrand, for the project Genetiska och funktionella studier av medfödda kromosom-avvikelser.

Ida Nilsson, for the project Neurodegeneration och -inflammation vid anorexia nervosa.

Ann Nordgren, for the project Genetisk kartläggning av barn med neurologiska funktionshinder utan diagnos.

Tomas Olsson, for the project Riskgener och patogenes vid multipel skleros.

Fredrik Piehl, for the project De- och remyelinisering vid multipel skleros.

Martin Schalling, for the project Stam-cells baserade metoder för att välja rätt behandling vid bipolär sjukdom.

Per Svenningsson, for the project Saposin C som en måltavla för terapi vid parkinsons sjukdom.



Karl Carlström has received the following grants for the project Glutathione S transferase 4 alpha preserves mitochondria integrity to facilitate oligodendrocyte differentiation and remyelination, which is a project in collaboration with Rockefeller University:

SEK 120,000 from Nicholson Exchange Program

SEK 100,000 from Erik och Edith Fernströms stiftelse

SEK 50,000 from SSMF

SEK 39,000 from KI Travel grant

John Pernow has been awarded a grant of SEK 2 million from Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation for the project The importance of red blood cell dysfunction for cardiovascular complications in diabetes.

Catharina Lavebratt has been granted an additional SEK 500,000 from Hjärnfonden to her already granted project ADHD hos barn och vuxna: tarmflorans påverkan på hjärnan ger nya behandlingsmöjligheter?

Kristina Becanovic has as received a grant from the European Huntington’s Disease Network for her research on Huntington’s Disease. The grant is a total of EUR 50,000.

Majid Pahlevan has received a grant from the Bertil and Ebon Norlin Foundation. The grant is SEK 100,000 to work on the project entitled Epigenetics approach to understand the pathogenesis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Vinko Palada has received the following research grants for the project Role of non-coding RNAs in development of chronic pain in arthritis:

SEK 300,000 from Petrus och Augusta Hedlunds Stiftelse

SEK 125,000 from Ulla and Gustaf af Uggla foundation

SEK 123,000 from KI Rheumatology Foundation

SEK 50,000 from Lars Hiertas Minne Foundation.

In addition, for the same project Vinko Palada has received a research fellowship award of EUR 30,000 from the ISBA Foundation.

Nils Landegren has been granted renewed support by the Tore Nilson and Magnus Bergvall foundations. The money grants are of SEK 100,000 and 90,000 respectively, for the study on how sex hormones affect the immune system.

Lauro Meneghel received two grants for the research project entitled Understanding the role of the novel autoimmunity susceptibility factor FAM167A/DIORA-1, from Stiftelsen Professor Nanna Svartz Fond: SEK 125,000 and KI Foundation Grants for Rheumatology Research: SEK 123,000.


Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation (Hjärt-Lungfonden) Grants 2018 (amounts in SEK):

Marie Wahren Herlenius

2019: 1,600,000      2020: 1,600,000      2021: 1,600,000 

Project: Molecular, clinical and epidemiological studies of congenital heart block.

Per Eriksson

2019: 1,300,000      2020: 1,300,000      2021: 1,300,000 

Project: Thoracic aortic aneurysm pathology.

Magnus Bäck

2019: 1,100,000      2020: 1,100,000      2021: 1,100,000 

Project: Nya terapeutiska principer vid valvulärt och vaskulärt åldrande och inflammation.

Lars Maegdefessel

2019: 800,000      2020: 800,000      2021: 790,000 

Project: Local microRNA-29b inhibition to halt abdominal aortic aneurysm development and progression.

Ewa Ehrenborg

2019: 450,000     2020: 450,000     2021: 450,000 

Project: The interplay between lipid handling, inflammation and autophagy: implications for cardiovascular disease.

Eric Herlenius

2019: 450,000      2020: 450,000     2021: 450,000 

Project: Apnea and inspiration screen, detect and protect against inflammation induced life-threatening events.

Joy Roy

2019: 300,000      2020: 300,000      2021: 300,000 

Project: Novel mechanisms and predictors of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and rupture.

Ingrid Lundberg

2019: 400,000     2020: 400,000 

Project: The lung as a site for break of tolerance and initiation of anti-Jo1 positive interstitial lung disease.


Camilla Svensson has been awarded the prestigious Wallenberg Academy Fellow prolongation grant (years 6-10) of SEK 1,750,000 per year during 5 years. 

Robert Harris got SEK 1,000,000 from The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund for the project A novel immunotherapy for targeted gene modulation in tumor associated macrophages.

Robert Harris has received SEK 700,000 from Alzheimerfonden for the project Novel Immunointerventions for Progressive Neurological Diseases - towards curing the incurable?

Peter Saliba Gustafsson received the VR postdoc grant of SEK 1,050,000 each year for 3 years for functional genetic studies of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at Stanford University, and his last year of funding will be financing his research at the Cardiovascular Medicine Unit at CMM (Per Eriksson group).

Nils Landegren has been awarded SEK 250,000 from Åke Wiberg’s foundation for an ongoing study on why women run an increased risk of autoimmune diseases. 

Christopher Sundling was recently awarded two grants: SEK 200,000 from Åke Wiberg’s foundation and SEK 50,000 from Tore Nilsson’s foundation for the project Unravelling the role of atypical B cells in infectious diseases.

Lara Kular received SEK 200,000 as research grant from Åke Wiberg’s foundation.

Sunjay Jude Fernandes has received a grant of SEK 200,000 from MS Forsknings Fonden for the project Understanding Heterogeneity of T Cell Subtypes in Early MS (CIS).


Maja Jagodic has been awarded the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant 2018. She will receive a grant of EUR 2,000,000 over a 5 year period from the European Research Council (ERC), for her research on epigenetics in multiple sclerosis.

Anna Färnert and co-applicant Pontus Naucler, received a Vinnova UDI Project grant of SEK 19,960,000 for the project VRI proactive/HAI proactive - new workflows and IT Tools to combat health care associated infections.

Joëlle Rüegg has, as co-applicant for the project RACH-Mix: New tools for risk assessment of chemical mixtures, been awarded SEK 12,000,000 from Formas. Main applicant is Carl-Gustaf Bornehag from Karlstad University. 

Michael Sundström (SGC-Karolinska) received a Technology Development Project (TDP) grant from Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in collaboration with KI researcher Mikael Altun, and SciLifeLab platforms: Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) and Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS). The project: BIfunctional Protein Degrader (BIPOD) - Towards tissue selective PROTACs aims to develop and validate proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACS) for tissue targeted small-molecule based therapies. The 2-year grant is of SEK 2,500,000.


Allocation of faculty funded career positions (2018) by the Board of Research

Qiaolin Deng and Fredrik Wermeling were selected candidates for funding as Senior Researcher (extension of existing assistant professorship). They will each receive SEK 1,000,000 per year over 2 years to be used for salary.

Ning Xu Landén and Roland Nilsson were selected candidates for funding as Senior Researcher. They will each receive SEK 1,200,000 per year over 5 years to be used for salary.


The Swedish Cancer society (Cancerfonden) grants 2018

Annika Lindblom receives SEK 3,000,000 for the period 2019-2021 for the project Cancer predisposition och prevention.

Anna Lindstrand receives  SEK 1,800,000 for the period 2019-2021 for the project Zebrafiskstudier för att utveckla nya behandlingar vid läkemedelsresistent leukemi.

Magnus Björkholm receives SEK 1,200,000 for the period 2019-2020 for the project Cellbiologiska, molekylära, translationella samt kliniska och epidemiologiska studier av Hodgkin's lymfom.

Liv Eidsmo receives SEK 1,800,000 for the period 2019-2021 for the project Dynamics and functionality of resident T cells dictate cancer surveillance and control.

Andor Pivarcsi receives SEK 1,800,000 for the period 2019-2021 for the project Undersökning av rollen för regulatoriska RNAs vid skivepitelcancer.


Granted KID-projects 2018

(Main supervisors listed)

Maja Jagodic, Project: Targeting the HLA variants with applied epigenetics: a further step in understanding and treating chronic inflammatory diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Liv Eidsmo, Project: Dynamics in human tissue confined T cells.

Karin Loré, Project: High resolution immunological studies of the responses to mRNA vaccines.

Robert Harris, Project: Novel immunointerventions for Progressive Neurological Diseases – towards curing the incurable?

Ewa Ehrenborg, Project: Modulation of autophagy pathways via metformin treatment – implications for longevity and cardiovascular disease.

Susanne Gabrielsson, Project: The role of exosomes in lung diseases.

Magdalena Paolino, Project: Understanding the role of the deubiquitanase Trabid intestinal homeostasis and colorectal cancer.

Ola Nilsson, Project: Cellular and molecular mechanisms in aggrecan deficiency.

Karin Lundberg, Project: Investigations of an aetiological link between oral pathogens and the developement of rheumatoid arthritis.

Helena Erlandsson Harris, Project: Molecular studies of the alarmin HMGB1, function and regulatory mechanisms with an emphasis on arthritis.

Per Svenningsson, Project: Saposin C and GPR37 A5 drug targets and biomarkers in Parkinsson’s disease.


The following CMM researchers have received Swedish Research Council (VR) Funding 2018 (amounts in SEK)

Research project grants within medicine and health

Maja Jagodic

2019: 1,600,000     2020: 1,000,000     2021: 1,000,000     2022: 1,200,000

Project title: Epigenetik i Multipel skleros: mot en bättre förståelse av patogena mekanismer och en förbättrad sjukdomshantering.

Qiaolin Deng

2019: 1,600,000     2020: 1,000,000     2021: 1,000,000     2022: 1,200,000

Project title: Mot den nästa generationen – en bättre kunskap om könsceller och könscellstumörer hos däggdjur.

Dawei Xu

2019: 1,200,000     2020: 1,200,000     2021: 1,200,000     2022: 1,200,000

Project title: m6A RNA metylering kontrollerar telomerhomeostas: Implikationer vid åldrande och oncogenes.

Jan Hillert

2019: 1,200,000     2020: 1,200,000     2021: 1,200,000

Project title: Individualiserad behandling av multipel skleros på riktigt – att långsiktigt förhindra försämring.

Helena Erlandsson Harris

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 800,000

Project title: Studier av inflammation, smärta och destruktion vid artrit, med särskilt fokus på alarminet HMGB1.

Robert Harris

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 800,000

Project title: Nya immunointerventioner för progressiva neurologiska sjukdomar – att bota den obotliga?

Ann Nordgren

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 800,000

Project title: Medfödda genetiska faktorers betydelse för barncancer.

Leonid Padyukov

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 800,000

Project title: Genetik interaktion vid autoimmuna sjukdomar.

Eduardo Villablanca

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 800,000

Project title: Reglering av tarmbarriärens funktion via diet-deriverade kärnreceptor ligander.

Anna Färnert

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 800,000

Project title: Hur blir och förblir man immun mot malaria?


Development Research grant

Anna Färnert

2019: 1,500,000     2020: 1,200,000     2021: 1,200,000

Project title: Immunity to malaria: imortance of parasite diversity and host memory.


Proof of Concept within Life Sciences

Anna Färnert

2019: 950,000

Project title: Nya metoder för att studera antigenspecifika immunsvar.


Grant of employment as half-time researcher in a clinical environment

Jakob Wikström

2019: 1,850,000     2020: 1,850,000     2021: 1,850,000

Project title: Endoplasmatiskt nätverk stress i kroniska bensår: en ny behandlingsstrategi?


Starting grant – Medicine and Health

Muhammad Asghar

2019: 1,500,000     2020: 1,500,000     2021: 1,500,000     2022: 1,500,000

Project title: Åldrande: Långtidseffekter av tidigare infektioner.


Nature Engineering and Education

Vladana Vukojevic

2019: 450,000     2020: 450,000     2021: 450,000     2022: 450,000 

for her research on quantitative imaging of fast dynamic processes via solid parallel fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.


The following CMM researchers have received ALF Funding 2018 (amounts in SEK)

Marie Wahren-Herlenius      

2019: 1,000,000     2020: 1,000,000     2021: 1,000,000

Project title: Sjögrens syndrom – kliniska och patogenetiska studier.

Per Eriksson

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000     2021: 700,000

Project title: Patogenes vid aortaaneurysm.

Anna Färnert

2019: 700,000     2020: 700,000     2021: 600,000

Project title: Hur blir och förblir man immun mot malaria: kliniska och immunologiska studier av malaria hos resenärer och migranter.

Johan Grunewald

2019: 650,000     2020: 700,000     2021: 500,000 

Project title: Identification of the disease causing agent in pulmonary sarcoidosis in order to improve therapy and clinical management.

Peder Olofsson

2019: 650,000     2020: 700,000     2021: 500,000

Project title: Vascular Inflammation and Atherosclerosis – Clinical and Experimental Studies.

Tomas Olsson                            

2019: 800,000     2020: 800,000

Project title: Multipel skleros: tvärdisciplinära studier av orsaker, patogenes och behandlingsstrategier.

Annika Lindblom

2019: 700,000     2020: 700,000

Project title: Cancer predisposition, prediktion och prevention.

Jakob Wikström                        

2019: 400,000     2020: 400,000

Project title: Darier’s disease: Identification of novel treatments for a severe skin disorder through a patient derived screening assay.

Agneta Nordenskjöld 

2019: 650,000

Project title: Molekylära och kliniska studier av medfödda missbildningar.

Jon Lampa

2019: 400,000

Project title: Kartläggning av smärtmönster vid reumatoid artrit – förekomst, centralnervösa smärtmekanismer och relation till antireumatisk behandling.

Lou Brundin 

2019: 300,000

Project title: Allvarlig neuroinflammation; studier av Neuromylelitis Optica och neurosarkoidos.


KI funds and foundations

Muhammad Asghar: SEK 250,000 

Afsar Rahbar: SEK 217,400 

Ali Manouchehrinia: SEK 225,000 

Lara Kular: SEK 206,800 

Susanna Brauner: SEK 184,000 

Majid Pahlevan Kakhki: SEK 85,000 


Ljubica Matic has been awarded the Hagberg Prize for 2018 by the Board of Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagbergs Foundation. The Hagberg Prize comes with a personal prize of SEK 150,000 and a research grant of SEK 275,000.

Muhammad Asghar has been appointed Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in Medicine 2018. The money grant is a total of SEK 8,000,000 over a period of 5 years.

John Pernow has received a research grant of EUR 90,000 from European Association for the Study of Diabetes for the project The novel role of red blood cells in development of macrovascular complications in tpe 2 diabetes.

Karin Loré has received a grant from the the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The total amount of the grant is USD 1,400,00 including USD 370,000 to 1 subcontractor in Germany over 20 months.

Mats A A Persson has been awarded an Exploratory pre-Seed grant of DKK 500,000 by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Olle Kämpe and Nils Landegren received a grant of DKK 3,000,000 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Marie Wahren Herlenius group has, as partners, received an IMI2 EU grant of EUR 15,400,000 for the NECESSITY Project (NEw Clinical Endpoints in primary Sjögren’s Syndrome: an Interventional Trial based on stratifYing patients). Partners within the project are from several European countries including France (coordination), Norway, England, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece and Italy.

Majid Pahlevan Kakhki have recently received MSIF/ECTRIMS McDonald Fellowship from Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. The fellowship consists of a 2-year grant, around SEK 750,000 to work on the project entitled Epigenetics approach to understand mechanisms underpinning disease progression in Multiple Sclerosis. 

ENDpoiNTs (Novel Testing Strategies for Endocrine Disruptors in the Context of Developmental NeuroToxicity) is an EU Horizon-2020 research and innovation action that has just been granted EUR 6,890,000 which Joëlle Rüegg will be coordinating 2019-2023. It includes 14 partners from within Europe, the US and Australia.

Martin Schalling, Ida AK Nilsson and Annika Eriksson have received SEK 9,000,000 from KI/SLL Core, for KIGene to develop Spatial Transcriptomics.


CMM researchers who received a grant of SEK 500,000 each from Hjärnfonden are

Tomas Ekström, for the project Genetics and epigenetics in alcohol abuse; implications for vulnerability and therapy.

Catharina Lavebratt, for the project ADHD hos barn och vuxna: tarmflorans påverkan på hjärnan ger nya behandlings-möjligheter?

Anna Lindstrand, for the project Genetiska och funktionella studier av medfödda kromosom-avvikelser. 

Ida AK Nilsson, for the project Neurodegeneration and -inflammation in Anorexia Nervosa.

Martin Schalling, for the project Predicting therapeutic success in bipolar disorder using patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells - Discovery and validation of biomarkers.

Per Svenningsson for the project Saposin C och GPR37 som läkemedelsmåltavlor och biomarkörer vid Parkinsons sjukdom.

Maja Jagodic for the project Tillämpad epigenetik: etiologi och bättre behandlingar vid Multipel Skleros.

Jan Hillert for the project Personalized medicine in multiple sclerosis – to optimize long-term outcome.


Two post-docs from Kristina Broliden lab have received a research grant of SEK 100,000 each from the Swedish Physicians against AIDS Research Foundation ("Läkare mot AIDS" Forskningsfond):

Gökçe Günaydın for the project A novel concept for safety evaluation of local prophylactic compounds against HIV infection.

Anna Gibbs for the project MAIT cells-local controllers of HIV mucosal infection?


Ulf Hedin and Ljubica Matic have received the Heart-Lung Foundations Great Research Grant 2018 of SEK 15,000,000. The great research grant is awarded annually, and is the largest individual grant by the Heart Lung Foundation to create the conditions for a crucial research breakthrough.

Jesper Tegnér has, as co applicant, received Wallenberg Project grant of SEK 36,800,000 over 5 years for the project The Achilles’ heel of breast cancer. Main applicant is Dr. Anita Göndör, Karolinska Institutet and the other co-applicants are Jonas Bergh, Lars Holmgren and Rolf Olsson.

Helena Idborg and Susanne Gräslund have been granted SEK 100,000 from Reumatikerförbundet for the project Characterization and validation of IRF5 and other biomarkers to identify SLE patients suitable for a tailored treatment


The following CMM researchers have received research grants from King Gustaf V’s and Queen Victoria’s Order of Freemasons for the year 2018
Magnus Bäck, project: Studies of the inflammatory process in atherosclerosis and aorta stenosis

Anca Catrina, project: Studies of joint inflammation and bone destruction and prevention of joint diseases

Francesco Cosentino, project: Implication of environmental factors for genetic reprogramming as explanation to cardiovascular diseases in overweight and diabetes

Helena Erlandsson Harris, project: Implication of the alarmin HMGB1 for the neuro-inflammatory reaction in stroke and the development of new therapies

Johan Grünewald, project: Implications of T helper cells in sarcoidosis; a model for inflammatory lung diseases

Ingrid Lundberg, project: Implication of the lung in a chronic rheumatic disease characterized of muscle weakness

Per Svenningsson, project: G-protein coupled receptors and their role in Parkinson’s disease


Christopher Sundling received a grant from Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse for SEK 80,000 for investigating atypical B cells in malaria.

Anca Catrina has received a grant from the Swedish research council of SEK 17,000,000 over 3 years for clinical treatment research.

Lynn Butler has received a research fellowship from the Heart lung foundation, a yearly amount of SEK 924,000 during 2018-2020.

The project Strategic planning for implementation of clinical routine tests of antibodies against biological drugs has received a grant of SEK 3,500,000 from Swelife. Project manager is Anna Fogdell-Hahn.



The following CMM researchers have received funding from the Swedish Heart Lung foundation (amounts in SEK):
Anders Hamsten 
Ewa Ehrenborg 300,000
Lynn Butler 1,200,000
Ulf Hedin  2,700,000
Rachel Fisher  900,000
Thomas Renné  1,800,000
Natalia V Rivera Sifaki  900,000
Peder Olofsson  900,000
Francesco Cosentino  900,000
Göran Hansson  3,600,000

Maria Sabater Lleal, NIH-National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute grant. Principal Investigator: Prof. Nicholas L. Smith (Washington University), Subrecipient Principal Investigator at KI: Maria Sabater Lleal (KI). Total amount at KI: USD 92,107. Total amount for the project: USD 708,902.

Ida AK Nilsson, ALF Med N grant: Neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration och mitokondriell dysfunktion vid Anorexia Nervosa/ Neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and mitochondrial dysfunction in Anorexia Nervosa. SEK 300,000 annually for the period 2018-2019.

Natalia V Rivera has received SEK 60,000 from the Lisa och Johan Grönbergs Stiftelse  for sarcoidosis research.

Vincent Millischer got SEK 130,000 from the Stiftelsen Bror Gadelius Minnesfond.

Carlos Villaescusa has received SEK 250,000 from the Åke Wibergs Stiftelsen 2016.

Carlos Villaescusa has received SEK 150,000 from the Åhlén Stiftelsen 2016.

Robert Harris has received a grant of SEK 400,000 from AlzheimerFonden.

Francesco Cosentino has been granted SEK 200,000 by Queen Victoria’s and King Gustav V Foundation to support the research on vascular redox signaling in obesity and diabetes.

Michael Hagemann-Jensen has received a grant of SEK 360,000 from MS Forskningsfonden.

Magnus Bäck and Anders Franco-Cereceda has been awarded a Clinical Scientist Training Programme (CSTP) grant has been awardedfor the PhD student Oscar Persson.

Magnus Bäck, Jordan Miller and Grace Verzosa have been awarded Karolinska Institutet – Mayo Clinic Travel Award in order to allows a member of the Bäck group to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA to train in echocardiography.

Katarina Tengvall has been granted SEK 120,000 from the Swedish MS society.

Katarina Tengvall has been granted a two year post doc stipend from the Swedish Brain Foundation.

Ljubica Perisic Matic has been granted SEK 924,000 from the Heart Lung Foundation for the project entitled Clinical and experimental studies in search for markers of atherosclerosis: Mechanisms of plaque rupture governed by smooth muscle cells.

Ulf Hedin, Ljubica Matic and Daniel Ketelhuth has been granted KID funding of SEK 1,400,000 to recruit a PhD student for the project The role of proprotein convertases in control of smooth muscle cell function and vascular disease.

Ulf Hedin has received, jointly with Professor Christian Gasser at KTH, SEK 1,600,000 from SLL during the period 2017-2018 for the research project Personalized Vascular Decisions by image-based biomechanics solutions.

Rebecka Hultgren has received SEK 1,260,000 from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation for the project Aneurysm disease in women and men – development, growth and risk of rupture.

Rebecka Hultgren has received SEK 600,000 from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation for the research project Aneurysm disease in women and men – development, growth and risk of rupture.

Lara Kular has received SEK 300,000 from Åke Wibergs stiftelse

Lara Kular has received SEK 62,500 from Neuroförbundet

Stephen Malin, Hong Jin, John Pernow and Lars Maegdefessel has been granted KID funding of SEK 1,280,000 to recruit a PhD student for the project Activation of humoral immunity at atherosclerosis initiation and the consequences for plaque rupture.

Carlos Villaescusa has received SEK 250,000 from the Åke Wibergs Stiftelsen 2016.

Carlos Villaescusa has received SEK 150,000 from the Åhlén Stiftelsen 2016.

Nikolas Herold has received SEK 600,000 form the Swedish Child Cancer Fund for the project Improved survival for children with AML, T-ALL and T-LBL by reducing resistance to pharmaceutical drugs.


Fredrik Wermeling has been awarded SEK 243,000 from Karolinska Institutet Foundation Grants for Rheumatology Research. Title of application: Regulation of the activity of autoantibodies in rheumatic diseases. 

Fredrik Wermeling has been granted SEK 150,000 from the foundation Professor Nanna Svartz Fond. Title of application: En skyddande effekt av IL-4 vid reumatoid artrit.

Jakob Wikström has received SEK 4,500,000 funding from the Leo Foundation to study mitochondrial function in wound healing.

Stephen Malin received funding from Heart and Lung Foundation, SEK 800,000 for the years 2017 and 2018.

Maria Sabater Lleal and Silvia Aldi got SEK 600,000 from the Heart and Lung Foundation for 2017-2018 for the project New genetic risk factors for venous and arterial thrombosis.

John Pernow received SEK 1,400,000 each year for 3 years from Heart and Lung Foundation for the project The importance of endothelial- and erythrocyte dysfunction for cardiovascular complications in type 2 diabetes.

Tomas Ekström has reveiced SEK 2,500,000 of ALF-funding (3 years).

Catharina Lavebratt and Martin Schalling were granted SEK 1,000,000 from the foundation Ekhagastiftelsen for their project Microbiota in children and adolescents with neuropsychiatric diseases: a new way of treatment.

Zhichao Zhou received SEK 162,500 from Olaussons Fund Department of Cardiology, Karolinska University Hopsital for the project The Effect of Red Blood Cells on Endothelial Function in Type 2 Diabetes: Role of Arginase.

Ulf Hedin has received SEK 250,000 from the Mats Kleberg Foundation for research on biomarkers of plaque instability in the carotid artery.


The following CMM researchers have received grants from SWElife

Anna Fogdell Hahn for the project Setting the clinical threshold level of anti-drug antibodies for TNF-inhibitors. The sum amounts to SEK 1,000,000.

Saedis Saevarsdottir for the project New diagnostic assays and a decision support system for individualized care in rheumatoid arthritis. The sum amounts to SEK 1,000,000 for the first year.


Annelie Tjernlund received SEK 112,880 from The Swedish Society of Medicine for the project In situ analysis of tissue resident memory CD8+ cells mediating potential protection of HIV mucosal infection.

Annelie Tjernlund received SEK 200,000 from the foundation Clas Groschinskys Minnesfond for the project In situ analysis of tissue resident memory CD8+ cells mediating potential protection of HIV mucosal infection.

Albert Dahdah received SEK 250,000 from Alex and Eva Wallström Foundation for scientific research and education for Arthritis research.


The following CMM researchers have received grants 2016 from Konung Gustav V:s och Drottning Victorias Frimurarestiftelse

Helena Erlandsson Harris SEK 250,000 for the project Alarminet HMGB1s betydelse för den neuroinflammatoriska reaktionen vid stroke och utarbetande av ny terapi.

Göran K Hansson SEK 250,000 for the project Åderförkalkning, inflammation och immunförsvar.

Ingrid Lundberg SEK 200,000 for the project Lungans betydelse för insjuknande i en kronisk reumatisk sjukdom som leder till svaghet i musklerna.

Per Svenningsson SEK 200,000 for the project G-proteinkopplade receptorer och deras roll vid Parkinsons sjukdom.


The following CMM researchers have received grants 2016 from Reumatikerfonden

Ulf Andersson SEK 150,000 for the project Utarbetande av ny terapi mot kronisk artrit.

Anca Catrina Irinel SEK 150,000 for the project Kartläggning av sambandet mellan sjukdomsspecifika antikroppar och vävnadsdestruktion vid RA.

Tomas Ekström SEK100,000 for the project Epigenetiska undersökningar för att förstå risker och mekanismer vid uppkomst och terapi vid RA.

Helena Erlandsson Harris SEK 150,000 for the project Studier av alarminet HMGB1s roll vid artrit som prognostisk/diagnostisk biomarkör och möjlig målmolekyl för ny terapi.

Caroline Grönwall SEK100,000 for the project Autoantikroppsrepertoarer i RA.

Iva Gunnarsson SEK 200,000 for the project SLE – med njurengagemang – biomarkörer och prognos?

Per-Johan Jakobsson SEK 250,000 for the project Tidig diagnostik och tidig behandling vid reumatisk sjukdom.

Lars Klareskog SEK 300,000 for the project Nya vägar att förebyggande och behandla RA.

Marina Korotkova SEK 100,000 for the project Selektiv hämning av mikrosomalt prostaglandin E-syntas 1: effekter på inflammatoriska processer vid reumatiska sjukdomar.

Jon Lampa SEK 75,000 for the project Kvarstående smärta och trötthet trots antireumatisk behandling, en epidemiologisk och mekanistisk kartläggning vid RA.

Lundberg Ingrid SEK 350,000 for the project Sjukdomsmekanismer och behandlingseffekter vid kronisk reumatisk muskelinflammation, myosit.

Vivianne Malmström SEK 250,000 for the project Lymfocyters betydelse vid inflammatorisk reumatisk sjukdom.

Leonid Padyukov SEK 100,000 for the project Functional genetics of rheumatoid arthritis.

Saedis Saevarsdottir SEK 150,000 for the project Utveckling av ett verktyg för individanpassad behandling av RA – baserat på kliniska variabler, biomarkörer och livsstilsfaktorer.

Louise Sjöholm SEK 75,000 for the project Är Porphyromonas gingivalis roll i RA associerad med en störd mag-tarmhomeostas?

Elisabet Svenungsson SEK 150,000 for the project Kardiovaskulär sjukdom, subfenotyper och sjukdomsaktivitet. – prospektiva studier av SLE och antifosfolipidsyndromet (APS).

Marie Wahren-Herlenius SEK 250 000 for the project Sjögrens syndrom – kliniska och immunologiska studier.


The Swetox (Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center) project, EDC-2020, in which Joelle Rüegg has a part, received SEK 20,000,000 from FORMAS for 2 more years.


The following CMM researchers have received grants 2015 from Radiumhemmets forskningsfond

Jesper Tegnér 2016-2017 SEK 400,000.
Project: Molecular analysis of the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment with special reference to melanoma.

Per-Johan Jakobsson 2016: SEK 250,000, 2017: SEK 250,000.
Project: Immunomodulating functions of prostaglandin E2 in the tumor microenvironment, a novel target for therapeutic intervention.


Robert Harris received SEK 600,000 from Alzheimerfonden for the project Understanding microglial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease – characterizing pathogenesis and potential for therapy.

Lars Maegdefessel has received a ERC Starting Grant for his project Therapeutic and biomarker potential of long non-coding RNAs in vascular disease. The sum amounts to EUR 1,500,000.

Fredrik Piehl received a grant of SEK 6,300,000 from the Vetenskapsrådet for the clinical study Rituximab for new onset myasthenia gravis; the RINOMAX study.

Maria Sabater Lleal received a EHA-ISTH joint fellowship: EUR 100,000 for 2 years.

Lynn Butler received a grant from Hjärt Lungfonden for the project Using the endothelial specific proteome to identify new mechanisms of cardiovascular disease, 2016-2018: SEK 786,000.

Pernilla Strid received SEK 50,000 from the foundation Lars Hiertas Minne and SEK 53,000 from NHR fonden (Neuroförbundet).

Ida Nilsson has received two grants for her research in anorexia:
Thurings stiftelse, SEK 50,000 SEK for the project Is mitochondrial dysfunction a risk factor for Anorexia Nervosa?
Tore Nilssons stiftelse, SEK 70,000 for the project Novel mechanisms in anorexia.

Jesper Tegnér received SEK 500,000 from Hjärnfonden for the project Single Cell Analysis – New window for Stratifying & Targeting Progressive MS. Period: 2016-2017.

John Pernow received SEK 1,000,000 from Torsten Söderbergs stiftelse for the project Molecular mechanism and novel treatments for cardiovascular complications in diabetes.

Anna Witsap received SEK 100,000 from Njurfonden for the project Premature vascular ageing in chronic kidney disease – an epigenetic approach.

Rasmus Gustafsson received SEK 53,000 from Neuroförbundet for the project Host genetic influences on antiviral serology in multiple sclerosis.

Linnéa Eriksson has received SEK 360,000 from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation during the period 2016-2017, research project Improvement of vessel wall healing by glucagonlike peptide-1 after arterial injury and vein grafting in diabetes.

Ljubica Matic has received SEK 70,000 from Tore Nilsons Stiftelse for the research project Biomarkers after atherosclerotic plaque instability and stroke; Clinic and experimental studies.

Silvia Aldi has received SEK 200,000 from Åke Wibergs Stiftelse for the research project Study of new markers in human carotid Plaque and SEK 20,000 from Stiftelsen Sigurd and Elsa Goljes Minne .

Ulf Hedin has received SEK 150,000 from Diabetesfonden for the research project Diabetic vein graft disease.

Joy Roy has received the Stockholm County Council’s grant for Higher Clinical Researchers of SEK 800,000 over 2 years for the research project Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: New mechanisms and prediction of growth and rupture.

Iva Gunnarsson received a grant from the Swedish Science Council (Distinguished Clinical Researchers) for the project Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with renal involvement– clinical and histopatological studies. 2016: SEK 400,000, 2017: SEK 400,000.

Magnus Bäck received a grant from the Swedish Science Council (Distinguished Clinical Researchers) for the project Arterosclerosis and aortastenosis: A translational study with focus on inflammation and its disintegration. 2016: SEK 400,000, 2017: SEK 400,000.

Jon Lampa received a grant from the Swedish Science Council (Distinguished Clinical Researchers) for the project Pain and fatigue in Rheumatoid arthritis – Prevalence, risk factors for widespread pain, and central nervous mechanisms. 2016: SEK 400,000, 2017: SEK 400,000.