LICOR Odyssey CLx

LICOR Odyssey CLx

The NEW Odyssey CLx Infra Red Imaging system from LI-COR Biosciences improves your quantitative analysis for detecting proteins on membranes, in cells, in tissue, in-vivo etc. The major advantage with this solution is accurate quantification over a broad dynamic range, up to 6 orders with high sensitivity. The sensitivity is equal to Western Blot chemi-detection using film but without the time dependent enzymatic reaction. The Odyssey CLx two-channel system will allow you to accurately quantify two protein targets simultaneously without the need to strip and re-probe, which is for example very useful when you study phosphorylations:

The In-Cell Western application allows you to increase your throughput and reproducibility for cell based experiment by performing the 2-target detection without lysing the cells. Grow, treat, permeabilize and incubate your cells with your primary and secondary antibodies in the plate and scan!

• Please use this link to download the protocol and guidelines for successful Western Blot “Good Western Gone Bad” (please click here).

• The installer files for Image Studio 3.1 PC and Mac, please click here. State serial number: CLX-0326. You will also find these files on the computer desktop that is connected to your Odyssey CLx. As your instrument was under warranty on February 1st 2013, you may download this upgrade for free.

• LICOR webinar series. They are free to join and can be viewed at any time.

• This is the link to Image Studio 2.0 Software Webinar (about 40 min total, no registration required)

• To download the brochure for Odyssey CLx, Sa and FC, please click here.

• To download the In-Cell Western brochure, please click here.

• If you are interested in Tissue section imaging please click on this link.


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