Liv Eidsmo Group

Liv Eidsmo Group

Photo: Stefan Zimmermann

The Eidsmo laboratory explores mechanisms that dictate the fine-tuned balance between health and focal immunopathology in human skin. The skin barrier is constantly exposed to colonizing microbiota, invasive pathogens, and allergens and immune cells interacts with stroma to protect against microbial invasion. Additionally, the immune system is heavily implicated in common patchy inflammatory diseases such as vitiligo and psoriasis. In healthy skin, the Eidsmo laboratory defined functionally distinct subsets of tissue resident memory T (Trm) cells based on their expression of the integrin CD49a. In diseases such as vitiligo and psoriasis, different subsets of pathogenic Trm cells form localized disease memories in resolved skin.

Right now we focus on how human Trm cells are formed and how these cells impact on their immediate environment. Ultimately, we want to normalise the Trm cell compartment in diseased skin to reach robust and long-term homeostasis. 




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