Bead-array detection system (Luminex)

Bead-array detection system (Luminex)


The Luminex200 system is a platform that could simultaneously quantitate (multiplex) up to 100 different analytes from as little as 50ul of sample in a single microtiter well. Samples can be either from patients, animals or lab cultured cells, and range from serum, plasma, saliva, urine, spinal fluid, and tissue homogenate supernatants, ascites to cell culture medium, supernatants and cell lysate.

The system is the combination of three components. The first is a family of fluorescently dyed micron-sized microspheres that act as both the identifier and the solid surface to build the assay. The second is a flow cytometry-based instrument, which integrates detection components, such as lasers, optics, fluidics, and high-speed digital signal processors. The third component is the analysis software, which is designed for protocol-based data acquisition with robust data regression analysis.

Applications include: immunoassays, receptor-ligand assays, nucleic acid hybridization assays, enzyme assays.


All equipment is located in the room L8:01-038.


Bio-Plex200 with Bio-Plex Manager software (v6.0)

The Bio-Plex200 is a Luminex200 core system licensed to Bio-rad from Luminex. The system is designed to read exclusively magnetic and non-magnetic beads produced by Luminex, in a 96-well microplate format. A number of commercial kits are available from different vendors, and they are all compatible with the Bio-Plex200 as long as they employ Luminex beads. Please check the assay compatibility with the Luminex200 platform.

We recommend using magnetic beads.

Microplate washers (ONLY for magnetic beads)

A hand-held magnetic washer for 96-well plates is available to use free of charge. Washing buffer is not provided.


The fee for CMM users is 750 SEK. The fee covers the cost of sheath fluid to run one plate, calibration kit, contract service, and validation kit. A 100 SEK fee applies to each additional run after the first one.

External users can use the facility at the cost of 1000 SEK.


Training is required for all first-time users at the cost of 1000 SEK. Training does not include supervision in assay setup, assay preparation, or result analysis, and is limited to instructions on how to operate the system and software in order to run the assay and export results. The fee includes the costs related to the first run.

To schedule training directly contact us.

Sale representatives from assay manufacturing companies can use the service ONLY if accompanied by a trained user.


The service is available for booking on the CMM Intranet resource booking system. There is also a user list in the room to fill in every time you use the service.

We kindly ask you the get in touch with us before running your assay as we would like to know the nature of your samples, in order to properly maintain and clean the equipment.

Andrea Introini

Mingmei Shang