The Marie Wahren-Herlenius Group

The Marie Wahren-Herlenius Group

Autoimmune disorders are a major cause of disease and disability, affecting around 5% of the population. We study the molecular and clinical pathology of the rheumatic autoimmune condition Sjögren’s syndrome, and the autoantibody mediated congenital heart block that may develop in the fetus of pregnant women with Sjögren’s syndrome.

Our projects aim at specifying key steps in generation of the autoimmune inflammation in both mother and child, and to identify immunologic components relevant to the tissue destruction. Our research is performed with a translational approach and involves both basic molecular studies, analysis in experimental models and clinical investigations. Generated data are important for developing preventive strategies, diagnostic assays and novel therapy.





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Marie Wahren-Herlenius


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Bio statistics, Cell, molecular and structural biology, Circulation and respiration, Genomics, Infection and inflammation, Molecular biology


Rheumatic diseases, Sjögren's syndrome


Animal models, Antibodies, Autoimmunity, Biomarkers, Cardiovascular, Cell culture, Child, Cohort study, Flow cytometry, Gender, Gene expression, Immunohistochemistry, Innate immunity, Macrophage/Microglia/Monocryte/APC, Natural killer cells, Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Protein expression, Proteins, Rheumatic, Skin, Transcription, Translational, Vaccines