Ingrid Lundberg Group

Maryam Dastmalchi MD, PhD
House D2:01
Paulius Venalis Post doc
House L8:04
Marina Korotkova Senior researcher
House L8:02
Karina Gheorghe MD, PhD
House D2:01
Louise E. Ekholm MD, PhD
House D2:01
Marie Holmqvist MD
House Eugeniahemmet
Mei Bruton (fd Zong) Post doc
House L8:04
Lara Dani MD, PhD student
House D2:01
Fabricio Espinosa-Ortega MD, PhD Student
House K1:01
Helene Alexandersson Associate Professor
House Infection and inflammation 1
Malin Regardt Occupational Therapist, PhD
House Inflammation and infection 1
Li Alemo Munters Physiotherapist
House K1:01
Valérie Leclair MD, Clinical fellow
House K1:01
Catia Cerqueira Affiliated
House L8:04
Anna Tjärnlund Affiliated
House K1:01
John Svensson PhD
House Clinical Epidemiology Unit
Angeles Galindo PhD student
House L8:05
Eva Lindroos Lab. Technician
House L8:04


Group leader

Ingrid Lundberg


Job title

Professor, senior physician