Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery



Jinming (left) and Keying (middle) skiing during the National Research School in Inflammation

Winter retreat at Åre, February 2019.



Bob in action explaining communication in PhD supervisor training at the EUA.CDE thematic workhop in Amsterdam, Holland 17-18 Jan 2019.




The Board of Doctoral Education picturted here had its last meeting in December 2018 and from 1st January 2019 will be reorganised as the Committee for Doctoral Education.



Thesis party celebrations by main supervisor Bob, faculty opponent Martin and the new Dr. Lund!


Harald defending his PhD thesis with faculty opponent Prof Martin Guilliams (Ghent University, Belgium) June 1st 2018.


The lab celebrating Chinese New Year 2018 at Xing-Mei’s house


Bob made an English Christmas dinner for the lab at his house – party hats were compulsory!


Harald presenting at the SSI 2017 congress in Stockholm, October 2017


Melanie attending the C-COMEND course in translational medicine in Berlin, Germany, October 2017


We had a great day out at Bob’s summerhouse on September 1st as a planning/strategy day


Harald giving a well-received presentation during the CNS Departmental Day 2017


Melanie receives an SLB travel award at EMDS 2016


Melanie presenting her poster at the EMDC congress in Amsterdam (2016)


Roham presenting his latest results at the EMDS congress 2016


Bob being celebrated for turning 50-years old at CMM (2016)


Storm in a beaker’ – Bob’s artistic photo (2015)


KI-NIH programme co-ordinators Vic Plike, Lennart Brodin, Bob Inis & Bob Harris


Xing-Mei receiving funding from David Hagelin fund


Neuroimmunology Unit retreat 2012


Bob teaches a lot.


Co-supervision of PhD students relies on harmonious interactions


Harald and Bob letting Roham know what we thought of his next experiment idea!