Applied Immunology and immunotherapy

Applied Immunology and immunotherapy

IMAGINE a time when we could end the suffering of individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases.

Realising that dream is what we must do NOW

BECAUSE we have the knowledge, drive and vision to make it happen.

We conduct a strongly interconnected research programme aimed at using knowledge gained from projects in basic science to applications in a clinical setting. We focus on understanding why chronic inflammatory diseases occur, and then devise ways to prevent or treat them.

We are a small group working to conduct translational medicine in the true sense of the definition – starting in the lab and ending in the clinic. We believe that even though we are a small lab, we can still make a valuable contribution.

The Applied Immunology – Immunotherapy group belongs to the Department of Clinical Neurosciences within the Karolinska Institutet


Lab philosophy: We believe that good research has good research training as its foundation. As it takes more energy to frown than to smile, we make the lab an environment where everyone likes to be.


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Always state the name of group/team leader in order for us to allocate the gift properly. 

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Account holder: Center for Molecular Medicine Foundation
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Robert Harris - Fighting Brain Tumors

Robert Harris - Fighting Brain Tumors


Group leader

Robert Harris


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Immunology, Immunotherapy, Inflammation


Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis


Animal models, Image analysis