Robotic System – Biomek FX

Robotic System – Biomek FX

The Biomek Fx, an automated liquid handling system distributed by Beckman Coulter, significantly reduces the time required to prepare samples. In our facility, we have a 96-channel head which is capable of dispensing to and from 96-well and 384-well microplates. The Biomek Fx has highly versatile pipetting capabilities for volumes ranging from 1 to 250 ml. Currently we conduct 384-well microplate preparation for PCR and sequencing reactions on the Biomek Fx.

The instrument is available to all groups at CMM, but users are expected to share the yearly service fee. To book the instrument, please, contact Pernilla Nikamo ( or Leonid Padyukov ( The cost per booking will be negotiated.

Users need to either take the introduction course held by Beckman Coulter (approx. one day, approx, price: 3000-4000 SEK, max no of participants: 3) or go with a person who has taken the introduction course.



CMM, L8:01 053A.


Leonid Padyukov