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Systems metabolism

Systems metabolism

We are a young research group at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, specializing in detailed analyses of cellular metabolism using modern measurement techniques and mathematical models. Our work aims for a deeper and more quantitative understanding of how various cell types in the human body process nutrients to harvest energy and synthesize macromolecules. In particular, we are interested in the metabolic derangements that occur in cancer cells, but also in specialized modes metabolism unique to other cell types.

Our work involves large-scale data integration, mathematical models of metabolism, transcriptomics, mass-spectrometry based metabolite profiling, and cellular physiology. We are working in close collaboration with colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, as well as Harvard University and the Broad Institute (Boston).

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Our Swish number is 123-245 79 76


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BG: 628-4418
PG: 514114-8

Always state the name of group/team leader in order for us to allocate the gift properly. 

If you are outside of Sweden, please use the following information:

Bank: SEB, Stockholm, Sweden
Account No. 5201-11 370 12
Iban-number: SE16 5000 0000 0520 1113 7012
Bic-code (the bank´s electronic address): ESSESESS
Account holder: Center for Molecular Medicine Foundation
L8:05, Karolinska University Hospital
171 76 Stockholm, Sweden


Group leader

Roland Nilsson


Job title

Assistant professor


BioClinicum J8:20



Bioinformatics, Endocrinology and metabolism, Haematology, Metabolomics




Biochemistry, Metabolism