Scientific coordination

Scientific coordination

The purpose of our center is to create an intellectual environment where ideas and know-how can be shared and collaborations are easy to initiate. We meet during seminars and workshops, initiated by the researchers coordinated and supported by CMM. The more engaged scientists the better program.

Regular scientific events:
CMM Seminar series
Group leader meetings
Core facility discussion lunches

Events upon requests:
Workshop in inflammation and neuropsychiatric diseases
A microbiota seminar series
Team leader retreat

Informal get-togethers:
Summer celebration
Lucia celebration
Language café (hosted independently by PhD students)
CMM Pub (hosted independently by the CMM Pub group)

Ideas for both scientific and informal events can be sent to and


The center also have reccurring evaluations of the research groups and the center both internally and externally. These evaluation reports are mandatory for CMM research group leaders and selected team leaders.

Faculty review is an internal report evaluated by the CMM steering group. The purpose of the report is to continuously improve the work of the center and keep the members motivated. The report facilitates the steering and direction of the center strategies and opens up for a dialogue between the researchers and the directory.

SAB report is an evaluation of the science of the individual research groups as well as the center as a whole. The SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) consists of external, renowned scientists within the research areas conducted at CMM.