Create a report from the booking system

Create a report from the booking system

Please follow the guide:

It's only people responsible for a certain resource that can create a report. If you are responsible and can not create a report, please contact 

You can always see a visual explanation of the steps by looking at the picture below each instruction.


Login to the booking system using your CMM Account.


1. Click Reports.

2. Click Create New Report.


1. Select List.

2. Select Resources.

3. Select Between and put in the dates of your choise.

4. Select what Resource you want your data from.

5. Click Get Report.

6. Click on Columns and select what columns you want to see.

7. Select if you want to save this report, Export to CSV file or Print.

8. If you select to save the report you'll find your saved reports under Reports --> My saved Reports.