Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

CMM account

A CMM account costs SEK 333 /month.

CMM account full pricelist


The account has the following services included if you have a CMM workstation:



On location (CMM building) support, working days 09:00-15:00        

Remote support                                                           

(Closed during the pandemic) Drop in hours 10:00-12:00                                                                                              


IT services

 Free installation of 1 recommended CMM computer                                                                                        

 Free installation of approved software

 Free virus removal from CMM approved devices

 Print/Scan/Copy access

 Storage server access

 Access to CORE facilities

 Remote access

 Connect to network                                             

 Internet access                                        

 Wireless guest internet

 Access to the CMM intranet

 Access to Common computers, projectors, screens

 CMM staff e-mail list subscription

 CMM public website group association

 Security, antivirus, firewall, patches

 Account handling, one user in all systems

 KI IT service access

 Resource booking


CMM Key card

The keycard gives you access to the building and to certain special rooms upon request from a responsible person.

Please talk to the floor responsible person or contact the IT department.

The key card can also be used to login to the central printing soulution at CMM.


For more information, contact the IT-department: