Access your Home Folder on the Storage Server Ubuntu

Access your Home Folder on the Storage Server Ubuntu

The following is a guide on how to access your home folder using Ubuntu

You can always see a visual explanation to the steps by looking at the pictures below each instruction.


Before you start

If you're working for home; make sure you have a VPN connected.

If you're physically at CMM; make sure you are connected to the CMM or Eduroam Wi-Fi.


Accessing the CMM file server

1. Open Nautilus up to the left on your screen.

2. Hit CTRL+L on your keyboard. In the address bar, type in the address to the CMM Storage server and hit the enter key. smb:// (Change username to your CMM username)


1. Select Registered User

2. Type in Username, Domain and password. Username = CMM username, Domain = Password = CMM Password.

3. Select if you want to Forget this immediately, Remember until logout or Remember forever.


If you want to, you can save this connection as a bookmark.

1. Right-click on the server connection to the left in the Nautilus Window

2. Click Add Bookmark.