File Storage

File Storage

IT is providing central storage facilities for all research groups and personnel at CMM. This storage is to be used for all work related material.



The root of the home directory is write protected and follows a predefined structure. There are four different sub directories in the home directory as described in the following sections.


This directory contains a set of sub directories to all research groups of which you are a member of. This folder is write protected and only you have access to it. Each sub directory is a link to a group's storage space. These sub directories in turn should be writable, as long as you are a member of the group. Anything added or removed will apply to all research personnel of that group. This is the same as the historical directory known as "GROUP COMMON".


You may be a member of one or several different research projects. If these projects have their own storage spaces, you'll find links to these in this sub directory. As with the groups directory, this directory contain links to the different projects' storage spaces and the directory itself is write protected. If you need to create private projects, create them in the Private directory. Project spaces are created by the IT department when requested. The process for applying for a project space is still in the making. However, in order to request a project space, send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Title of the project
  • Name of the project owner (usually a P.I.)
  • Invoice reference (ZZ code) or CMM Customer Code
  • List of project members

By default, a single role is created for a project (Project Members). This role has read and write access to the project space. If further/different roles are required, please specify them in the request with the requested permissions. An additional role could be "Project Reviewers" who only have read access to the project.


The previous home directories are all relocated to this sub directory. It is intended for work related data being staged for a project or research group, or for private research data not to be shared with anyone. Only you have access to this directory.


This folder contains data you are willing to share publicly with anyone at CMM. You have write access to it, while everyone else at CMM has read access to it. Use this folder to share public keys, your curriculum vitae or similar documents.


For more information, contact the IT-department: