Spatial Biology

Spatial Biology

Flexible services

For the GeoMX platform (see below) we offer both full service assignments as well as the possibility for experienced users to access the equipment themselves. The rest of the instruments are offered on a “hands-on” basis.

Full-service: The user provides us with tissue samples and we perform the analysis.

”Hands-on” service: The experienced user receives a short introduction by our personnel regarding methodology and operation of the instruments, then reserves a date and time for the use of an instrument.


Instruments and Applications

NanoString GeoMXTM platform

Digital Spatial profiling of RNA or proteins in tissue sections. The technology combines standard immunofluorescence techniques with digital optical barcoding technology to perform highly multiplexed, spatially resolved profiling experiments. In a single reaction the platform performs whole slide imaging to capture tissue morphology and select regions of interest for high plex profiling with oligo-barcoded antibodies or probes.


Thermo Scientific CryoStarTM NX70

Cryostat for sectioning of frozen tissue samples


Zeiss Axiophot

Light microscope equipped for bright field (both transmitted and reflected), phase contrast, transmitted and reflected polarization and Nomarski differential interference contrast microscopy, as well as epifluorescence. The microscope is equipped with a color CCD camera.



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