Theses from the group

Theses from the group

Peter Lundback, 2015: HMGB1: Regulation of inflammatory functions and therapeutic bloackade

Mei Zong, 2014: Molecular mechanisms in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

Hanna Schierbeck, 2013: Multiple role of HMGB1 in clinical and experimental arthritides

Hulda Hreggvidsdottir, 2011: Dual cytokine inducing properties of HMGB1

Aisha Ahmed, 2010: Proteasome targeted therapy in arthritis models

Erik Sundberg, 2008: Danger within: HMGB1 as a mediator of arthritis

Heidi Wähämaa, 2008 HMGB1 in inflammation: Secretion and function 

Therese Östberg, 2008 Charcterisation of HMGB1 in inflammation   

Rüdiger Weiss, 2007: Joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis: Experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies

Dang Thi Ngoc Dzung, 2006: Studies of novel immunosupressive agents in experimental arthritis

Karin Lundbeg, 2005: Arthritogenic and immunogenic properties of modified autoantigens (not available online)

Ewa Westman, 2005: The impact of protein modification on immunogenicity and arthritogenicity (not available online)

Esbjörn Larsson, 2003: Tissue destruction in arthritis: Experimental studies

Riikka Kokkola, 2003: HMGB1 as a proinflammatory mediator in arthritis (not available online)

Karin Palmblad, 2001: Cytokines and cytokine-directed intervention in experimental arthritis (not available online)